Jeff Nehila

Another summer is upon us and it’s again time to get out and enjoy all the outdoor offerings of the community as Grayslake is a wonderful place to bike, walk, jog and swim.  Welcome to another edition of People, Places and Projects where we usually highlight a staff member, recommend a specific park to visit and update you on our current projects.  Instead of that content this time, I’d like to dedicate this page to our I Love Learning Preschool program and our awesome teachers.  We have the pleasure of helping many 3 and 4 year old children come through our I Love Learning Preschool program every year and I know the number of people who either return or start with us are lured by our strong reputation of offering enriching experiences for the children.  One major aspect of the program’s success and its strong reputation is our group of teachers.  I continually hear that our teachers are excellent educators and role models as well as just being great people.  Please meet our 3 year old preschool teachers below.

Preschool Teachers

Jeff Nehila, Executive Director
Grayslake Park District

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