The Grays Lake Management Committee is a five member committee that is responsible for the authorization of the treatment of the waters of Grays Lake. The committee is comprised of one Village Trustee, one Park District Commissioner and 3 citizens. One of the three citizens is appointed by the Village, one by the Park District and the third is elected by the other members of the committee. The committee traditionally meets in the Winter and discusses the potential treatment program for the lake for the upcoming year. The Grayslake Community Park District is responsible for establishing the contract with the applicator recommended by the committee for any treatments. The costs of the annual treatment(s) are covered equally by the Village and the Park District. The main concentration of treatments is typically targeted to treat invasive and non-native milfoil and pondweed.

In 2013, the committee decided to apply a whole lake treatment in early spring and considered a spot treatment in late Summer based on plant growth. No spot treatment was needed in the Summer of 2013. The committee decided again in 2014 to have a whole lake treatment performed in the spring with the option of a spot application, if needed, for late Summer. The committee later cancelled the 2014 treatments, due to concerns over the winter fish kill and loss of habitat for fish. The committee has again elected to complete a whole lake treatment in April of 2015 and again in April of 2016.

There are at times restrictions on swimming, fish consumption and irrigation use due to the types of applications. The restrictions are posted at Jones Island and at the Lake Street access point. Letters are also delivered to all residents living along the lake. If you’d like to be added to the notification list, please contact the Grayslake Community Park District at (847) 223-7529

Any inquiries regarding the Lake Management Committee should be forwarded to the Grayslake Park District at (847) 223-7529. Those inquiries will be sent to the committee for any action or responses.

Harmful Feeding Waterfowl Notice
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