Final Phase Planned for Alleghany Park

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Final Phase Planned for Alleghany Park

What’s the project?
The Grayslake Park District is seeking public feedback on the final phase of proposed recreational development at Alleghany Park (31999 North Alleghany Road, Grayslake).

What’s already at Alleghany Park?
Since Alleghany Park development began in 2006, several athletic fields and recreation amenities have been installed. The 95-acre park currently includes two basketball courts, four soccer fields, seven softball/baseball fields, two lacrosse fields, one multi-use grid field, two tennis courts, a playground, picnic shelters, a fishing pier, a walking trail, a concessions stand, restrooms, and three parking lots.

 What do the plans include?
The proposed 35-acre development for Alleghany Park Phase 3 includes two soccer fields, two lacrosse/field hockey fields, two t-ball/small baseball fields, a fitness challenge course, a tot play area, a 1.4 mile interpretive nature/fitness trail that will connect with the existing trail, picnic/overlook shelters along the trail, restrooms, and additional parking. The additional features will make Alleghany Park a premier destination for all ages.

What is a fitness challenge course?
Think American Ninja Warrior! A fitness challenge course is an outdoor fitness area with elements for youth and adults to run, climb, and maneuver through. The course encourages people of all ages to be more active together. 

Why now?
The Grayslake Park District is applying to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for an Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) grant to help finance outdoor recreation development at the park. The initial two phases of Alleghany Park development were funded through OSLAD grants.

How can I get involved?
Your comments, suggestions, and support will greatly benefit the Park District’s grant application! You’re invited to a public hearing on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 6:30pm at the Recreation Center (240 Commerce Drive, Grayslake). If you’re unable to attend the hearing, the proposed plans are on display at the Recreation Center or Grayslake Area Public Library through Wednesday, July 31.