Ice Rinks

Current Conditions

All ice rinks are closed for the season due to unsafe conditions.

When the conditions are safe, skating is allowed in designated plowed areas on the following ponds:

  • CLOSED – Jones Island Park (243 Harvey Ave)
  • CLOSED – Molly’s Pond in Haryan Farms (890 Alleghany Rd)
  • CLOSED – Chesapeake Landing in Chesapeake Farms (965 Chesapeake Blvd)

A flag will be flown at all ice rinks to indicate if the ice is safe. Red flag means unsafe conditions and green flag means safe conditions.

All ice rinks are unsupervised and have no warming houses. Hockey is only allowed at designated areas where signs are posted.

The ice must be at least 6 inches thick throughout the skating area in order for it to open. The ice is checked on a daily basis; however, conditions can change rapidly, please be cautious anytime you are on the ice.

For updated ice conditions at the various parks, please call the Park District Office at (847) 223-7529