Preschool Camps

Preschool Camps are a gentle introduction to a semi-structured learning atmosphere – and they’re a ton of fun!

Preschool Camp Descriptions

Terrific 2 Be 2 Camp (2 years)

9-10:30am, M/W or Tu/Th, held at United Protestant Church

It is a terrific time to be 2 years old! Why? Because when you’re two it is so much fun to do art projects, learn about circle time, hear stories and sing new songs. This camp is a wonderful experience for your little one who is ready for a class. Under the watchful eye of our experienced teachers, there will be structured activities mixed with unstructured play. Join us in a fun and active environment designed with 2-year-olds in mind.

Little Busy Bee's Camp (3-4 years)

8:30-11:30am, M/W/F, held at Recreation Center

Summer will be more exciting for your 3 & 4-year-old when they join this camp! Activities include arts and crafts, story time, circle time, singing and theme days. We will venture outside for games, nature study and tons of fun! There’s also a water day once a week (weather dependent).

Fabulous 4s Camp (4 years)

8:30-11:30am, M/W/F, held at Recreation Center

This half-day camp is designed to activate your 4-year-old’s creativity and imagination by doing arts and crafts, storytelling, nature studies, playing games, theme days, and social interaction with children of the same age group. Along with these activities, your camper will have water day once day a week (weather dependent).

Questions? Please contact Recreation Supervisor Kendra Ring at (847)223-7529 or