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I Love Learning Preschool

The Grayslake Park District offers half-day preschool for Young 3 Year Olds, 3 Year Olds, and 4 Year Olds. I Love Learning Preschool focuses on cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development to ensure that each child progresses to his/her fullest potential.

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About Our Preschool

Our goal is to develop your child’s love of learning in a safe and nurturing environment where each child and family is recognized and appreciated.
2022-2023 School Year Info

I Love Learning Preschool strives to prepare our preschoolers for elementary school by including activities that promote social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skill development. Our curriculum is founded on the belief that children learn best through creative play and exploration. Therefore, our curriculum is carefully designed to promote varied learning experiences. Children participate in individual, small group, and whole group activities on a daily basis.

Safety Precautions

Please see below for the safety precautions we’re taking this year.

Safety Precautions

Daily Self-Check
Before drop off, parents will complete a daily self-check at home to confirm their child is symptom-free and able to attend preschool for the day.

Strict Health Policy Guidelines
If teachers notice a child is sick or exhibiting symptoms, parents will be notified promptly and required to pick up their child immediately. This student will be isolated until parents arrive. The students and teachers will exit the classroom for 15 minutes so sanitizing of the classroom can take place.

Face Coverings
Staff is required to wear face coverings. Children will wear face coverings indoors and when social distancing cannot be maintained. While we know it may be difficult for children of this age group to maintain social distancing, we have found fun and creative ways to encourage it. The kiddos in our Preschool Summer Camps did a great job wearing face coverings and we’re confident our preschoolers will, too!

Cleaning and Sanitizing
Gloves are required for staff when assisting children with snacks, administering first aid, and cleaning. No toys from home are allowed.

Classroom cleaning and sanitizing will take place in-between classes. Hand sanitizer will be available in every room and brought with the teachers where ever they go. Frequent hand washing will be encouraged.

Drop Off/Pick Up
Parents, student and siblings will be required to wear face coverings during drop off/pick up. Instead of entering the building, drop off and pick up will take place at exterior doors. Parents will need to accompany their student to sign them in/out each day along with initialing off on the daily self-check list. For details, please see the parent handbook.

Fees & Payment Policy

Tuition payments are based on the total number of school days divided into nine equal monthly installments. Participants are required to make the first (September) and last (May) month’s installments at the time of registration. The last month’s tuition payment is used as a security deposit. Subsequent payments are due on the first of each month, beginning October 1. Tuition payments not received by the tenth of the month will incur a $25 late fee. Tuition payments not received by the end of the month will result in the removal of the child from the program and the May tuition payment will be applied to that month.

No prorated fees will be given for partial month’s attendance or withdrawal. The last month’s tuition payment paid at the time of registration is non-refundable if a refund request is made after October 1. If a refund request is made before October 1, a full refund is granted (less a $100 service charge). All refund requests must be made in writing. Refund forms are available at the Recreation Center.

Supply List
Parent Handbook 2021-2022
Safe Snacks Letter & List
Student Emergency Form
Payment Form
Behavior Management Policy
COVID-19 Daily Self Checklist
Permission to Dispense Medication Form
Allergy Action Plan Form
Preschool Refund Form

View registration information and class schedules for the 2021-2022 school year

For more information, please contact Recreation Supervisor Kendra Ring at (847) 223-7529 or kring@glpd.com.