Park Foundation

On June 5, 1998 the Grayslake Park Foundation, Inc. was established and incorporated with the Secretary of State of the State of Illinois. The Foundation is organized and operated exclusively for educational, recreational, civic and charitable purposes, as permitted by Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and to assist in the performance of the educational, recreational and charitable purposes of the Grayslake Community Park District, by providing funds and property for these purposes for which funds may not otherwise be available to the Park District.

All officers and board members will serve on the Foundation in a voluntary capacity and will not be paid any salary. Donations for this Foundation may include, but are not limited to, educational, recreational or charitable trusts; gifts, grants or loans of money or property, real or personal, whether made by governmental, educational or recreational bodies, local, state or national, or by corporations or natural persons.


  • To organize and operate exclusively for the educational, recreational, civic and charitable purposes to benefit the Grayslake Park District and the Grayslake Community.
  • To assist in developing, sustaining, holding and increasing the facilities and programs of the Grayslake Community and the Grayslake Park District.
  • To increase educational and recreational opportunities for the community encouraging gifts of money and property and by such means as may seem advisable from time to time and, other activities deemed appropriate in support of and on behalf of the Grayslake Park District and the community of Grayslake.


  • The Foundation will receive and hold or disperse gifts, to act without profit as trustee of educational, recreational or charitable trusts.
  • To administer gifts, grants or loans of money or property, real or personal, whether made by public, government, educational or recreational bodies, local, state or national or by corporations or natural persons and whether in the form of conventional express trusts or otherwise.
  • To become party to contracts, trust instruments and agreements of any type or description and to execute negotiable instruments as trustee or otherwise.
  • To execute negotiable obligations, as trustee or otherwise in order to effectuate either the creation or organization of trusts for the execution of the purpose hereof.
  • Where the terms and conditions imposed by the donors of any forms of gifts to make immediate transfer to the Grayslake Park District right and proper, the foundation shall transfer absolutely and in full all right, title to  and interest in such property to or for the use and benefit of the Grayslake Park District.
  • Whenever any such gifts, when made, as memorials require maintenance, provisions shall be included in the gift unless the Board of Directors of the Park Foundation waves this requirement.

Park Foundation Reports
2015 Park Foundation State & Federal Tax Reports

For additional information, please contact the Grayslake Park District at (847) 223-7529 or email Denny Salomonson at

Please send all correspondence to:
Grayslake Park District
240 Commerce Drive
Grayslake, IL 60030

Reflection Pond & Walkway

The Grayslake Community Park District and the Grayslake Park Foundation joined in response to the community by designating a walkway and pond area in Central Park where family and friends can honor their loved ones and significant life events with the donation of trees and landscaping. The newly designated “Reflection Pond and Walk-way” provides an opportunity for community members to enhance Central Park with the lasting and living gift of trees. Birthdays, anniversaries, or the loss of a loved one can be commemorated with the donation of a tree that will be planted to eventually form a canopy over the Reflection Walkway. The result will be a beautiful and serene area for reflection and remembrance in the heart of Grayslake. Each tree or other landscaping will be marked with a 6” x 8” brass plate that the purchaser can have 4-6 lines imprinted with the name and phrase of their choosing. Trees and landscaping can be purchased at any time but plantings will be done in the spring and the fall.  For more information, please call the Grayslake Park District office at (847) 223-7529 or email Denny Salomonson at